Okay, when you mentioned the burn, I thought it was like a little burn and I was like “Ow. I hate getting burned, she’s such a trooper.” But it’s a flipping massive burn and I’d be curled up in bed, still crying to this day if it were me. You badass!

PSH like I said, it stopped just hurting after a few hours and after that it was just a “don’t touch it wrong” thing like any sunburn or blister.  It really has consistently looked, like, twenty times worse than it actually feels. |D


Let’s raise children who wont have to recover from their childhoods.

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Ouch! Hope it heals!

Oh it’s LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than it was a week ago!  The only part I’m really concerned about now is that big ol’ honkin’ scab between my index and thumb, where the water initially hit.  It actually affected deeper into the skin than the rest of the burn and so is taking longer for the skin to grow back.  It also was the part that got the most discolored, so a little worried about infection for a variety of reasons.

But it’s still coming along as well as can be expected!  And the rest of it’s almost completely healed, it just needs to create the cuticle layer and we’ll be in business.

Getting there!

Getting there!

We have benadryl cream which might help the itching but idk if it’s okay for burns? You could check.

I’m not sure it’d do much harm?  But it’s not an allergy itch either, so I’m not sure if it’d do much good either?????

 … actually no I just checked Benadryl’s website and apparently it is recommended for minor burns.  Neat!






Saltwater taffy is one of the best things.



"The generation who got trophies just for showing up" says the generation that got a house, a job, a car and an education just for showing up.

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"Oh, that price is too high. I’m not looking for a wedding photographer per se. We’re just looking for someone who can record the day, and also take some posed photos after the ceremony, and stay through the reception taking pictures."

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meajoraswrath I found this and I thought of you.

I’ve heard of her! She used to pierce at a shop near where I went to college! I’ve heard good things!

Yeah, looking at some of the comments on her website, it sounds like she’s worked all over MA!  But yes, her jewelry selection is fairly small outside of earrings (assuming you’re interested in stretching), but I’m gathering that’s because she’s mostly passionate about piercing/stretching so what she carries is jewelry that’s meant to be a starting point.  That said, she does carry more interesting initial earrings/nose rings than most places do.