I couldn’t find my red lipliner (or lipstick), which bothers me, but hopefully it’ll turn up before next week.  I was originally going to use red lipliner under an orange/red lipstick; but all I could find was a pink liner so I had to use a red gloss over everything to get the color I was going for.  Hopefully not having that extra gooey layer will help with the black not looking so uneven and blending better.

I need to blend the purple better under my eyes better too (I did it in the wrong order, I should’ve waited ‘til after I powdered for a more even cover/blend).

I also desperately need to get my eyebrows done.

But I’d appreciate feedback????

I’m definitely going for a drag-type look (since that was Ursula’s inspiration anyway), but I’m not sure if the eyeliner is too much?  I think I could benefit from falsies, but are they necessary?  Should the purple “blush” be more dramatic (I toned it down from what it was originally)?  Does the grey eyeshadow above the crease need to be darker and more obvious?  SHOULD THERE BE MORE GLITTER (I might just be looking for an excuse to add glitter to this look since I can’t actually think of one myself)????

Also yeah I didn’t have time to do the hair, I’ll do that with the next practice run (though it’s not going to be in its final form ‘til next week anyway when we bleach the fuck out of it).

also wow I am pale as fuck like practically translucent wut

  1. kneelbeforejod said: Hot damn, girl, you are working it. I’d be tempted to go a little more dramatic, but you’re looking seriously fabulous already.
  2. scarlettsiren said: I like it! I’d probably do above the eye a touch darker, but the blush looks good.
  3. sandetiger said: This looks fucking fabulous omg!!!! — maybe a more dramatic blush, tho?
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