Now with better lighting and crappy 10 minute hair!

Okay no I swear the hair will be better once I actually prep it properly.

But this was yesterday night after walking around in the heat doing some last minute shopping for NYCC.  Still can’t find my lipliner I think I lost it at the Waystation sob.


The overwhelming feedback I got was “MORE DRAMATIC BLUSH!”  I did that and now that I’m seeing it in proper light and not the sort-of-dim-ish light of my bedroom, it definitely needs to be even more dramatic than that, yeah. |D

I also got a “DARKER GREY!” so I did that too and I definitely like it better.

We also picked up these spectacular falsies at the Halloween store that were purple batwing/webbing with little jewels on them and I was going to take pictures with and without those to get everyone’s opinion.  But after taking a look at them, they were just too much and took away from the eye makeup, so I’m nixing them and just going to pick up regular eyelashes to pump up this look (and also to replace the ones for my Cap cosplay).

So, yeah, ANY MORE FEEDBACK?????

ALSO bonus look at the contract:

Spoilers: The fine print is most of the lyrics the Poor Unfortunate Souls.  Also you can’t quite see it in this picture, but there’s a hidden Mickey in the fine print too.  This is getting laminated so that when I walk around with it at NYCC people can sign away their souls to me.